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Twilio service that auto-buzzes people into my building when enabled πŸŽ‰

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partymode πŸŽ‰

Buzzing people into your apartment building when you're having a party (Or, during COVID, getting your food delivered)?

Ain't nobody got time for that! That's why I built partymode. It's a service that:

  • Auto-buzzes people into my building when enabled.
  • Otherwise forwards calls to my phone.

It uses Twilio to handle calls and SMS. It integrates with Slack so I or anyone in my workspace can enable it.

Technical details:

  • Written in Kotlin with the Micronaut framework.
  • Has an SNS integration that downstream consumers can connect to (I use this for a Slack webhook/Alexa alert).
  • Has a Google Assistant endpoint so you can be extra-lazy and just say "Hey Google, open partymode" to enable it for 3 hours.



  • Get a number from Twilio, which costs $1/month.
  • Get an AWS account.
  • Get admin access to your Slack workspace.

Secret Manager Setup

Add the following secrets to Secrets Manager: TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN

Next, grant "Secret Manager Secret Accessor" and "Secret Manager Secret Viewer" privileges to the IAM compute account for your service.

Slack setup

  • Create a Slack webhook and set the SLACK_WEBHOOK_URI env var to that uri.
  • Create a Slack bot and subscribe to the following bot events: app_mention, message.channels, and
  • Add oAuth scope for chat:write.

Initial deployment

Set the PARTYMODE_PHONE_MY_NUMBER env var to your phone number. Make sure the format is +19999999999. Set the PARTYMODE_PHONE_CALLBOX_NUMBER env var to your call box's phone number. Make sure the format is +19999999999. The app will reject calls from any other number, in the event you inevitably get spammed with robocalls.

Twilio setup

In your Twilio dashboard, create a TwiML app and point the endpoints to the ones provisioned in AWS. Point your Twilio number to this app.

Final steps

Finally, of course, have your apartment forward your call box to your Twilio number 😎.



Twilio service that auto-buzzes people into my building when enabled πŸŽ‰






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