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Getting started?

Check out the StorEvil Quick Start wiki page.

You can join the StorEvil mailing list.

What is StorEvil?

Well, if you know what Cucumber is, you can basically think of it as a Cucumber-ish tool for .NET that allows you to easily write .NET code to interpret natural language specifications.
If you don’t know what Cucumber is, I would advise you to read about it.

How is StorEvil different from other similar tools?

StorEvil takes an approach that is somewhat different from other tools. It does not require the Given/When/Then syntax and therefore allows for a wide range of plaintext syntax. It also uses the magic of reflection, so that you don’t have to write a bunch of redundant regular expressions to parse simple text.

Read more at the Why StorEvil? page.

It supports .NET languages such as C#.
It has only been tested on Windows (so far).
It only supports English (so far).

Learn how to set up your StorEvil Configuration.

For information about the grammar that is supported, check out the docs for StorEvil Grammar and StorEvil Context Classes.

There are some videos that show the basics of StorEvil… please note that these are bit outdated:

Check out the quick start screencast, the basic grammar screencast, or the