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Second beta release - 0.8.1 Written by David Iserovich

Decision of distribution license pending, meanwhile you are free to use the code if you attribute credit.

The map editor Tiled (link) produce files in an XML-based format called .tmx.

This library and its classes allow the loading of TMX files into a TileMapData object, and allow the creating of an Android Bitmap based on said TileMapData object.

What's in the Box

TMXLoader/src/davidiserovich/TMXLoader/ contains the main source files. TMXLoader/assets/ contains an example TMX file and its tileset image.

Both directories are regular Eclipse Android projects, and can be imported.

How it Works

The main activity in TMXLoaderExample is called TMXLoaderActivity, and uses the TileMapData object and a Canvas to create a Bitmap containing the arrangment of tiles that the TMX specifies.

Setting it Up

  • To import in Eclipse, choose File -> Import -> General -> Existing Projects Into Workspace and select the folder TMXLoader.
  • To try the example app, do the same for the TMXLoaderExample directory
  • Right click the TMXLoader project you now have, choose Properties, select Android, and make sure "Is Library" is checked
  • To use TMXLoader in a project, go to the project's Android properties as above, and add a reference to TMXLoader
  • Import davidiserovich.TMXLoader.* and you should be ready to go!

Known Restrictions

  • The only tilemap layout supported is 0 border, 0 margins, 0 spacing.
  • Map objects are not yet supported.
  • Tile rotations are not yet supported.
  • The only supported data format is CSV (This can be set in Tiled in Edit -> Preferences -> Store Tile Data As: CSV)


###6/20/2012 - 0.8.1

  • Separated Bitmap rendering into
  • Added support for layer selection
  • Changed project type to Android Library
  • Moved sample code into new, related project


  • Javadoc
  • Compressed file support
  • Support for different tile border, margin, and spacing widths
  • Support for map objects
  • Tile rotation
  • XML based TMX files


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