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The example in README does not work #4

tkf opened this Issue Dec 26, 2011 · 1 comment

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tkf commented Dec 26, 2011
(dz-defservice my-static "python"
                         :args '("-m" "SimpleHTTPServer" "7878")
                         :cd "/home/you/your-awesome-project/static")

raises an error dz-comint-pop: Symbol's value as variable is void: quote.

The following code works (no quote in args parameter):

(dz-defservice my-static "python"
                         :args ("-m" "SimpleHTTPServer" "7878")
                         :cd "/home/you/your-awesome-project/static")
@davidmiller davidmiller pushed a commit that closed this issue Jan 14, 2012
David Miller Fix typo in README documentation -
Fixes #4

Thanks for pointing this out :)

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