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Fab commands for ffs
from fabric.api import task, hosts, local, lcd, cd, run
from fabric import operations
deadpan = ''
def test():
Run our unittests
local('python -m pytest test')
def make_docs():
Rebuild the documentation
with lcd('doc/'):
local('make html')
def upload_docs():
Build, compress, upload and extract the latest docs
with lcd('doc/build/html'):
local('rm -rf ffsdocs.tar.gz')
local('tar zcvf ffsdocs.tar.gz *')
operations.put('ffsdocs.tar.gz', '/home/happenup/webapps/ffsdocs/ffsdocs.tar.gz')
with cd('/home/happenup/webapps/ffsdocs/'):
run('tar zxvf ffsdocs.tar.gz')
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