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import scraperwiki
from scraperwiki import datastore
from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulStoneSoup
import urllib2
import urllib
# this looks like it accesses a single page database dump of the whole set
# without a view on a shorter version of the page it's hard to tell which fields are actually used.
url = ""
xml = scraperwiki.scrape("")
page = BeautifulStoneSoup(xml)
for location in page.findAll('location'):
postcode = location.value.string.strip().split(',')[-1][:-1].strip()
print postcode
l = urllib.urlencode({'q': postcode})
results = scraperwiki.scrape(url+l)
services = BeautifulStoneSoup(results, selfClosingTags=[
for service in services.findAll('service'):
data = {}
data['code1'] = service.code1.string
data['code2'] = service.code2.string
data['name'] = service.find('name').string
data['address1'] = service.address1.string
data['address2'] = service.address2.string
data['address3'] = service.address3.string
data['address4'] = service.address4.string
data['address5'] = service.address5.string
data['postcode'] = service.postcode.string
data['telephone'] = service.telephone.string
data['website'] =
data['northing'] = service.northing.string
data['easting'] = service.easting.string
data['latitude'] = service.latitude.string
data['longitude'] = service.longitude.string
data['coords'] = service.coords
data['hasaande'] = service.hasaande.string
data['category'] = service.category.string
data['organisationcommentcount'] = service.organisationcommentcount.string
data['providerprofilepageurl'] = service.providerprofilepageurl.string
latlng = (float(data['latitude']), float(data['longitude']))['name'], data=data, latlng=latlng)
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