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* Welcome to Python Development Emacs Environment - PDEE

Originating from Grabriele Lanaros's
`emacs-for-python', PDEE collects and customizes
resources reachable from Emacs to obtain a really
modern and exciting (yet stable) way to edit Python

Configurations are similar to emacs-starter-kit,
(instruction below).

** Features 

Coming with a bunch of files, PDEE makes it easy to run
what's needed.

*** Python Related

    - Ropemacs (Custom) : A refactoring library
    - Auto Completion with rope (Custom) : Tested to work well with Rope
    - Flymake + pyflakes (Custom): Highlight errors on the fly, improved
      from the standard version
    - Virtualenv : Original, In-development tool for using virtualenv in
    - Custom Yasnippet Snippets
    - Cython Mode: a mode for highlighting cython files
    - Choice of available basic python-modes.

*** Editing Packages

    - Open Next Line: C-o will open a line under the cursor (very
      similar to vim o)
    - Auto Completion: Auto complete anything in Emacs
    - Yasnippet: Snippets on steroids
    - Parentheses pairing (Custom): Bug-free parentheses pairing using
    - smart-operator: Automatically adds spaces around arithmetic operators.

*** Configurations

    - ido activation
    - ibuffer instead of buffer menu
    - eshell configuration

*** Keybindings

    - Copy-Cut-Paste from clipboard with Super-C Super-X Super-V    
    - Calc Mode remapping to M-c
    - M-Tab remapped to C-Tab to avoid collisions with the desktop

** Installation

Make sure, the path is set and the PDEE init file gets
loaded, add these lines to your Emacs initialisation

(add-to-list 'load-path "path/to/pdee/")
(defvar pdee-install-dir "path/to/pdee/")
(load-file "/path/to/pdee/pdee-init.el")

You may want to enable only some of the features provided by
pdee, in this case just enable some of them:

(require 'pdee-python) ;; If you want the python facilities [optional]
(require 'pdee-completion) ;; If you want the autocompletion settings [optional]
(require 'pdee-editing) ;; For configurations related to editing [optional]
(require 'pdee-bindings) ;; For my suggested keybindings [optional]

For further information and usage suggestions check:

*** Configuring the _flymake_ checker
New in version 0.3:
I changed the way you configure your checkers, now there is no
predefined checker and you have to configure it by your own.

The good news is that it is extremely simple to configure your own
command, for example to configure the pyflakes checker install it and
put in your customization file (.emacs):

(pdee-setup-checker "pyflakes %f")

Obviously you can substitute the ``"pyflakes %f"`` with wathever you
want, you just have to keep in mind that ``%f`` will be substituted
with the file which is being checked.

*** Adding the django snippets
The django snippets comes as an option, you can load them using:


As a command using M-x or putting it in your .emacs.
*** ipython integration 
Ipython can be integrated with python-mode. Clicking on the
Python->Start interpreter menu entry will spawn an ipython shell
instead of a python one. To enable the feature put this line in your .emacs:


*** line highlighting
You may wanto to disable this feature or to set another color, to do
so, drop one of the following lines in your .emacs
(global-hl-line-mode nil) ;; To disable
(set-face-background 'hl-line "black") ;; change with the color that you like
;; for a list of colors:

*** disabling the auto-pairing of parenthesis
To disable the auto-pairing, drop the following line:
(setq skeleton-pair nil) 

** License

This is mostly a distribution with some little tweaks, with respect of
the licenses, my tweaks are distributed according to the term of the
GNU GPL license, described in the file COPYING.

Generally each file has its own license and copyright notice (most, if
not all of packages are GPL), the license of rope (GPL) is in