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Template indentation is wrong when there are multiple tags on a line #51

gareth-rees opened this Issue March 30, 2012 · 1 comment

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Gareth Rees David Miller
Gareth Rees

Open the following template in pony-tpl-mode:

{% block foo %}{% endblock %}

and indent the whole file (C-x h C-M-\). The result is as follows:

{% block foo %}{% endblock %}

with the second <img> incorrectly indented. This is because pony-calculate-indent-backward recognizes that the {% block foo %} starts an indented block but does not recognize that the {% endblock %} closes that block.

The indentation calculation needs to look at all tags on a line, not just the first tag.

David Miller


I can't recreate this issue when I paste your example into a new template.

I end up with all three lines without an indent - running from the latest Pony Mode master, Emacs 23.


{% block foo %}{% endblock %}

Which is the "Right Thing" AFAIC

I added a test for this - if you run

$ rake test

... from the root of the repo on a local checkout you should see four passing tests

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