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Poor man's java performance analysis - generates (via graphviz) a picture of your Java call graph using a series of thread dumps as input, from which you can identify your bottlenecks.
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Poor man's java performance analysis:

1. Set up a script to issue "kill -3" to your production java server every 10 
   seconds or so. This generates thread dumps in the log file.

2. Run the log file through the thread_dump.rb script: 
   "ruby thread_dump.rb log_file intermediate_file"

3. Run the intermediate file from step 2 through thread_graph.rb: 
   "ruby thread_graph.rb intermediate_file"

4. Run the dot file from step 3 through graphviz's dot: 
   "dot -Tpdf -o output_file.pdf"

There are some constants at the beginning of threaddump.rb and threadgraph.rb 
to determine which stack traces are included, which stack frames are skipped, 
which branches are graphed, and what colors are used. This is helpful if
your thread dumps contain too much data for a single graph.

There is also script to generate a simple csv file via the intermediate file:
"ruby thread_csv.rb intermediate_file output_file.csv"

Tested with ruby 1.8.6 and thread dumps from Sun/Oracle's JVM.

This project is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. See LICENSE for
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