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OmniGraffle design stencils for designing iOS applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.
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Stencils/iOS Design

iOS Design Stencils for OmniGraffle

A stencil for designing iOS applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The stencil was created a developer for developers and provides the views, controls and symbols in UIKit. All stencils are originally created by hand from native or custom created OmniGraffle shapes and grouped for ease of use. Stencils can be easily scaled to new point resolutions and exported to any vector formats supported in OmniGraffle.


  • Stencil canvas settings are in points and 1pt = 1pt unit scale.

  • Major and minor grid settings are set to 10 x 10 pts. I've found this the most effective grid size setting.

  • Bar button items use Apple Symbols font glyphs. Vector versions of these symbols are in the works.


1.3.1 - October 1, 2010

  • Add iPhone 4 wireframe device stencil.


  • Add iPhone 4 device stencil.


  • Changed : Stencils organized into folders with seperate stencils for the iPhone and iPad.
  • New : iPad stencils shapes for Navigation Bars, Toolbars, Search Bar and Bar Buttons.
  • Changed : Picker View implemented from scratch for iPad. iPhone OS pickers will pick up that change in next version.
  • New : iPad Popover Views with stencils for table, button or action sheet content.
  • Fixed : Gradient colors for standard blue navigation bars and toolbars
  • New : iPhone search bars scope bar and right side button for bookmark button
  • New : Added start of black opaque iPhone navigation bar style.
  • Changed : Tab bars have selection state indicators.

1.1 Beta 2

  • iPhone table view and cell shapes updates and additions including portrait/landscape orientations for plain and grouped styles.
  • iPad table view and cell shapes for portrait orientations.
  • Blue and black bar button items use font glyphs from Apple Symbols ttf font.
  • Changed background color of canvases to medium/dark gray color.
  • Cleanup iPhone and iPad status bars.
  • Cleanup Alert Views gradient colors.
  • Wireframe specific shapes for iPhone bars, controls and buttons
  • Added UIButton style variants
  • Added Split View landscape view layout for iPad
  • Added iPad toolbar with new light gradient style.
  • Added UIWindow placeholder to iPad device shapes
  • Added text selection shape for pasteboard action shapes

1.1 Beta

  • iPad device stencils now reflect overall device dimensions.
  • iPad Portrait and Landscape Alphanumeric and Number Keyboards
  • iPad specific stencils including Popovers, Split View and start of Table Views with iPad dimension and style updates.
  • Reorganized order of canvases to reflect iPhone and iPad specific stencils.

Terms of Use

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