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view-all-issues.png Issue Tracking

Submit a New Issue View Existing Issues

This GitHub Repo is used to track issues, bugs and feature requests for the website.

If you don't yet have a GitHub account, you can create a GitHub account for free by clicking here:

What's an Issue?

An Issue is simply any work that needs to be done. Submitting Issues to this GitHub Repo, is you requesting work to be done on the website.

The possible issue types are:

  1. Bug or Defect

Something isn't working on the website. It's buggy, slow, or defective in some way and needs to be fixed.

  1. Enhancement Request

You think things could be better. A feature on the website works, but it could be better with some enhancement.

  1. New Feature Request

You have a great idea for something NEW. Submit your idea and I'll consider it for the site.

Why aren't you working on my Issue?

Long story short: I have a day job! I'll try to work on critical bugs and issues first, enhancement requests second, and finally new feature requests last.

My Issue already Exists

If someone else submitted an issue that you wanted to submit, why not leave a comment on the issue in support of it! The more comments and activity on an issue, the more likely I'll devote time to it.