How to flash

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  1. Solder a four pin header to the four spare pads.

This is best done on the underside of the 'touch' board, with the pins bent over as shown in the picture below

  1. Connect an FTDI programming board (NB Must be 3v3, not 5v, unless you want to risk destroying the ESP8265) to the pins.

REMEMBER, You will need to connect the RX of your FTDI interface to the TX pin labelled above, and vice versa.

  1. You will need to pull the labelled GPIO0 pin to GND (ie low) before applying power to the circuit, in order to get the Sonoff Touch to start in firmware upload mode. You can do this with a wire with a fine pin (such as from a pin header) with the other end connected to GND.

  2. Using either the Arduino IDE or, upload the firmware. (If using arduino, 'Generic ESP8266 board' and Flash: (1M, 64K SPIFFS). If you don't get that part set correctly, it is likely OTA Upgrades will fail in future.

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