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This repository contains a design for an IV-11 based Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) display unit.

Key points of the design:

  • Support for 8 tubes (can install only 6 if you want the traditional 2-2-2 clock display)
  • Can daisy chain boards to make longer displays
  • Wifi capable (MQTT etc? - firmware doesn't yet enable this)
  • Runs off a 5V 2A supply (USB B socket)
  • Four buttons for setting time/other functions

Parts count/prices kept down by using 'generic' ebay modules to provide:

  • DS3231 Real Time Clock (battery backed)
  • Boost converter module to provide the ~25VDC to power the VFD
  • Buck converter module to provide 1.5v to heat the cathodes
  • Wemos D1 Mini board to provide the brains
  • 5mm encapsulated addressable RGB LEDs to provide the colour effects.

Finished clock

Please see the project wiki for more details.

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