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Trapeza is a package and set of utility scripts for manipulating tabular (i.e., spreadsheet) data. The package is oriented towards unformatted record data, such as database dumps, rather than formatted, typed spreadsheets. Trapeza was originally developed to manipulate data output by The Raiser's Edge fundraising software.

Trapeza consists of a package, also called trapeza, and the utility scripts trapeza-sheet and trapeza-match. trapeza-sheet is intended to facilitate the combining in various ways of tabular data files. See its usage message for further details. trapeza-match applies the functionality of the trapeza.match module to compare "incoming" data, lacking any record identifier, to an existing base of data whose records do contain unique identifiers. Again, see the usage message for further details.

The package trapeza consists of trapeza, which contains the basic Source and Record classes as well as load/save and utility code, and trapeza.match, which facilitates detailed comparison between incoming and existing data to find matches based on a comparison profile. File-format support plugins are contained under formats/ but should rarely be of direct interest to the end user.

Trapeza and trapeza-sheet can operate on files with and without a unique primary key. If a primary key is specified, it must be unique within a given file; if one is not specified, record equality is used whenever a comparison is required, and duplicate records are permitted (as modified by a command line argument).

The Trapeza package attempts to support Unicode throughout. Input and output encodings can be specified on the command line for the utility scripts (using the names under which Python knows them). UTF-8 is the default. CSV and TSV formats are currently supported, and Trapeza provides a plugin-based format support mechanism.

Unit tests are provided by, intended to be run from the command line.

Trapeza requires Python 2.7 but has no external dependencies.






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