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============== Trapeza-Import

trapeza-import is a web application based on Flask whose purpose is to facilitate the merging of tabular record data containing duplicates and wherein record identifiers are missing from some data.

trapeza-import is primarily aimed at importing records into Raiser's Edge, a fundraising database package. However, other database use cases are possible.

trapeza-import accepts master, incoming, and profile spreadsheets (as used with trapeza-match from the trapeza package) and presents a simple HTML-based user interface to enable to user to select possible matches and merge conflicting data, outputting a file which contains matched record identifiers. For speed reasons, it is strongly recommended to use a master sheet that has been preprocessed with trapeza-process.

This application is explicitly not intended to be run in a public-facing manner. It should be used only as an in-house application. There are numerous security issues in trapeza-import that preclude its use on a publicly-accessible server.

trapeza-import requires trapeza and Flask. Templates use jQuery but this library need not be installed if an Internet connection is active.

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