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jQuery ImgBox Plugin

jQuery plugin that draws a box over an image.


ImgBox reads data- attributes to your image tags and draws a custom styled box over the image. See the demo page for examples.

ImgBox also has an drawable edit mode and you can update the position of the box yourself at anytime.

This plugin can be used with minimum changes to your existing code.


  1. jQuery


After gzip compression jquery.imgbox.min.js is 1.5K.



Place the extra data items into your image tags. You may use width/height or a second set of coordinates. The following 2 are equivalent.

<img data-x="10" data-y="10" data-w="10" data-h="10" class=".." src=".." />
<img data-x="10" data-y="10" data-x2="20" data-y2="20" class=".." src=".." />

You must include one of the mark styler settings when you create the ImgBox, otherwise you won't see anything! Activate the plugin during start up with either of these two minimum configurations. You may specify markClass or markStyle or both but not niether.

$(document).ready(function() {

$(document).ready(function() {
	$('img').imgbox({markStyle:{border:'5px solid red'});


The ImgBox has a simple edit mode. Click to set the start point, move the mouse to a new position and click again to trigger the callback function. The data object contains the saved x, y, w, h, x2, y2.

function(data) {}

To switch on edit mode, specify the command as edit and add the saveBox callback.

$(document).ready(function() {
	var imgAdmin = $('img').imgbox({
	markStyle : {
		'border' : '5px solid blue'
	command : 'edit',
	saveBox : function(data) {
		console.log('Thanks for using ImgBox!');

If you want to change the coordinates then you need access to the callback object.

$(document).ready(function() {
	var newData = {x: 10, y:10, w:10, h:10};
	var imgAdmin = $('img').imgbox();

If you thing imgAdmin needs any other features then create an issue for discussion.


Here's the list of available settings.

HTML settings

To be used in IMG tags.

Attribute Type Rule Description
data-x Number Required CSS left
data-y Number Required CSS top
data-w Number Optional: Used with data-h CSS width
data-h Number Optional: Used with data-w CSS height
data-x2 Number Optional: Used with data-y2 Second coordinate used to calculate width
data-y2 Number Optional: Used with data-x2 Second coordinate used to calculate height

If w, h, x2 and y2 are used, then w, h take precedence.

Javascript settings

Attribute Type Default Description
markClass String '' Classes to be used for marker box.
markStyle Object {} CSS for marker box.
debug Boolean false Some extra information.
name String '' Name added to debug messages
command String '' Type of ImgBox, currently only '' or 'edit'
saveBox Function Prints imgbox data on console.log Callback function(data){} on save
wrapIfInvalid Boolean false Wrap img even if no coordinates
retryInterval Number 1000 If img.src has not loaded retry redraw in milliseconds.

As a minimum you must specify at least one of markClass or markStyle.


MIT License © David Newcomb,