MantisBT database tweaker allow you to adjust the database directly
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This is a command line application that lets you tweak the MantisBT database.

  • Bugs
    • Change owner
    • Change date submitted
  • Monitor
    • Add monitor to an issue
    • Delete monitor from issue
  • Bugnotes
    • Add bugnote
    • Move bugnote
    • Modify time tracking
    • Modify time
    • Modify owner
  • Categories
    • Modify category
    • Delete category

Confirmation is required before any changes will be made. The SQL which will be executed is displayed and the SQL needed to rollback the change is also given, just in case!


  1. Currently only tested using MantisBT 1.2.8 but may work with later versions.
  2. Requires _mysql Python module to be available.


  1. Download the file and place it in a directory on your PATH.
  2. Edit and change the MySQL access credientials in the CONFIG section.
  3. Save and run!

Example usage

MantisBT Database Tweaker v2.0

1) Change owner

2) Add monitor to an issue
3) Delete monitor from issue

4) Add bugnote
5) Move bugnote
6) Modify time tracking
7) Modify time
8) Modify owner

9) Modify category
10) Delete category

Enter selection (return to exit): 8

Change bugnote owner

  4 Marcel       Wave                 user1
 32 Sid          Snot                 user2
 31 Cupid        Stunt                user3

Select user id:  32
Enter bugnote number:  123
Change owner of 'My email is broken' to 'Sid Snot (32)'
[y/n]: y

Rollback: UPDATE mantis_bugnote_table SET reporter_id = 4 WHERE id = 123
UPDATE mantis_bugnote_table SET reporter_id = 32 WHERE id = 123