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NSS Midstone
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Memeotional 😜

Life is often a blur. 😵

When explaining your wellness to a professional, most people default to saying, “I’m fine.”

This app allows the user to track their ups and down.

With a simple but fun format, the user can better articulate their well-being to professionals or simply track their wellness for personal reflection.

The ultimate goal is providing self-awareness that leads to better support and self-accountability.

Technology used 🔗

How to install and run 💻

  1. Fork the repository

  2. Clone your repository

git clone repository-link
  1. Run the JSON server
json-server -p 5002 -w self-ware.json
  1. Start the app
npm start

Components 📂

  • Selfware.js
  • AppViews.js
  • Appviews.css
  • Login.js
  • Register.js
  • data
    • DataManager.js
  • days DayCard.js
    • DayDate.js
    • DayEdit.js
    • DayForm.js
    • day.css
  • images
    • emoji-tongue.png
    • party.gif
    • sad.gif
    • sloth.gif
    • stress.gif
  • moods
    • DaysChart.js
    • MoodCharts.js
    • moodChart.css

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