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ObDisclaimer: This script is somewhat rough around the edges and may well eat your cat. Use at own risk!

This LGPL-licenced tool will process a collection of postings from the centos-announce mailing list. It can accept a digest or a decompressed pipermail archive downloaded from the list archive pages, convert them to basic errata, upload them to a spacewalk server and publish them to a named channel which contains the relevant update packages.

The latest release is 0.8

To use the tool, visit the following pages:

Known issues

  1. Search strategies "spacewalk" and "satellitedir" no longer work as they rely on knowing the md5sum of the package beforehand. Unfortunately CentOS have stopped sending the md5sum with each announce email due to md5 collision issues. Now they send a sha256sum, which is no good for our purposes!
    • I have been informed that it is possible to use spacewalk/satellitedir as long as your channel signature format matches the signatures from upstream. I have yet to test this myself
  2. MBOX format is not supported for input. It should be as it is very close to the archive format
  3. The errata data is set to the time the errata was created on spacewalk. This is a limitation of the spacewalk API for creating Errata
  4. Errata are very basic. If you want full errata, then buying Satellite is your best bet.
  5. Updating preexisting errata is not possible
  6. The tool does not check to see if the update_channel exists
  7. Maybe the tool should try and push missing packages to the named update_channel, if they exist on disk. Unfortunately the XMLRPC api does not seem to support an pushPackage function (unless I'm being blind) so adding this function would require importing the necessary code from rhnpush
  8. All the classes (RHNSession and friends) and other generally-useful code should be moved to a module
  9. The config file should probably reside in /etc/sysconfig/rhn. This is a packaging problem though
  10. Better docs, more testing, fedora support...


This script is based on rhn-tool by Lars Jonsson. The script and support material is licenced under the terms of the LGPL.

Raal Goff produced an amended version of the script that introduced multiple architecture support, spacewalk server searches and website scraping. This script essentially incorporates his changes and tidies up argument parsing. Thanks Raal!

Jeremy Davis provided a patch to allow multiple update channels per architecture

Phillip Schuler, Stefan Förster and David Hrbáč all helped with resolving issues with the email format change. Thanks!