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Q. What is the difference between authentication type OAUTH and OpenID?

A. When you start from scratch then you probably want OAUTH. When you've used non-SSO OpenID and need Google OAuth provider support after OpenID service shutdown, then you need Hybrid OpenID+OAuth authentication method. This is supported with auth.type = 'OpenID'.

Q. Why I am getting identity is untrusted error with Hybrid OpenID+OAuth method?

A. You need to set trustedOpenID:

    type = OPENID

Q. How to configure the proxy with this plugin?

A. Check this Proxy support request.

Q. Why Gerrit doesn't start after setting the auth.type = OAUTH?

A. You havn't installed the plugin or havn't configured any of the providers. Also verify that you have replaced the plugin name in the documentation:

[plugin "@PLUGIN@-google-oauth"]
    client-id = "<client-id>"
    client-secret = "<client-secret>"
    link-to-existing-openid-accounts = true

The correct plugin name + suffix, e.g.:

  [plugin "gerrit-oauth-provider-google-oauth"]

Q. I tried hard and double-checked all the configuration options from the previous answer, but gerrit still refuses to start?

A. You tried hard? Try harder next time ;-) Since Gerrit 2.14 you must in addition set oauth. gitBasicAuthPolicy to HTTP: .

    type = OAUTH
    gitBasicAuthPolicy = HTTP

See discussion in for more details.

Q. After upgrade to version (2.14.6) new users are created after login.

A. As explained in this announcemenet,, external-id form was migrated in this plugin version from "4711" to "github-oauth:4711". New external ids are linked to the exsisting users and the whole migration is done seamlessly. The prerequisite for it is to set this option:

  fix-legacy-user-id = true

for every provider configuration. See for glory details.

Q. Why does the Gerrit page hang while trying to "Sign In"?

A. Slow RNG, on provider side. See for more detail how to increase the entropy.

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