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Lightweight Azure jumpbox pattern for both RDP and SSH access.
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Simple Azure Jumpbox Pattern

This is sample code to deploy a simple Microsoft Azure jumpbox.

How to deploy

The code is split into two stages deploying all resources into "Australia East" region:

Stage 1:

  • create-network.ps1
    • creates a Resource Group with
      • one vnet
      • three subnets (GatewaySubnet, jumpbox, management)
      • two Network Security Groups
        • for the jumpbox subnet only allowing port 22 inbound from the internet
        • for the management subnet only allowing port 3389 inbound from the jumpbox subnet

Stage 2:

    • deploys an Ubuntu VM with a public IP into the jumpbox subnet
    • installs the AADLoginForLinux VM extension to the VM which will enable AAD users to log in to the VM
    • deploys a Windows Server 2019 VM with only a private IP into the management subnet

How to connect

Users can now connect to the private IP of the Windows VM by tunneling the RDP connection through the SSH tunnel to the Linux VM.

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