Playground for experimenting with new Xamarin.Forms features.
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Playground for experimenting with new Xamarin.Forms features.

ThreeThree (Xamarin.Forms 3.4.0)

Release Notes

  • ImageButton

ThreeThree (Xamarin.Forms 3.3.0)

Release Notes

  • Label & Span Text Decorations: Underline and Strikethrough
  • Label MaxLines
  • [iOS] Modal Presentation Model
  • [iOS] WebView now uses WKWebView

ThreeTwo (Xamarin.Forms 3.2.0)

Release Notes

  • BoxView Corner Radius
  • Button Padding
  • Editor Placeholder and Placeholder Color
  • [iOS] Entry: Position and Color of Caret
  • Label Line Height
  • OnPlatform/OnIdiom Markup Extensions
  • Span Gestures
  • Swipe Gesture Recognizer
  • [iOS] Tap Slider
  • TitleView

ThreeOne (Xamarin.Forms 3.1.0)

On this page I'm looking at a series of F100 features, collaborations with the Xamarin.Forms community.

Release Notes

  • Android Bottom Tabs
  • Android Bottom Tab styling options
  • Auto-Resize Editor
  • Return key setting for Entry
  • AutoCapitalization keyboard flag for Entry
  • Vertical and Horizontal scrollbar options
  • Text prediction enable/disable