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A mobile app to track Xamarin news and explore all the goodness that is .NET for Mobile developers
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Check Out the Prototype

Launch the Figma Prototype.

  • If you are able, please add any comments using the Figma comment feature.
  • If you are unable (and I suspect this will be the case), please open an Issue here.

Note that this is a clickable prototype. Tap around. This is NOT the design. :)

Let's Build an App!

We are working on a new gallery app for all of us to enjoy. The app should:

  • Be A Collaboration - join us as we iterate through the design, user experience, and implementation.
  • Be Gorgeous - Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms are being used every day to create top notch apps. Let's show that!
  • Be Modern - Xamarin.Forms is shipping new features to make it easier than ever to deliver current user experience.
  • Be Useful - Rather than just a static gallery, the app should be useful as a tool for your to keep up to date with the steady stream of happenings in our open source community.
  • Be Ready - At Build 2019!

Who is Doing This

Core Team

  • David Ortinau - Xamarin Mobile SDK Program Manager @ Microsoft
  • James Clancey - Mobile Architect and Program Manager @ Microsoft
  • Maryanne Exempliarova - Developer Experience Designer @ Microsoft
  • Craig Dunn - Xamarin Documentation @ Microsoft

Where to Participate

We are live streaming much of our work, solo and collaborative. Start there and contribute your ideas, concerns, needs, etc. This app is for all of us.

Twitch Channels

As we establish a regular schedule, we'll share it.

Code Wanted Here

We'll start pushing design updates and code here soon. Stay tuned.

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