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@@ -151,9 +151,17 @@ Some notable options in this case are:
what it finds.
- [jiangmiao/simple-javascript-indenter]
- An indent plugin with an option for alignment under functions.
- [jason0x43/vim-js-indent]
- This is a somewhat new (last updated 2014, as of this writing) indent
script that also has some TypeScript support. It is based on an
[older indent script by Tye Zdrojewski] and the default JS-in-HTML indent
logic that comes with Vim.
- The indent logic starts with normal `cindent` styles and adds special
cases for comments, JSDoc, arrays, and switch/case.

Since I use [othree/yajs.vim] for my syntax, I use [gavocanov/vim-js-indent]
for improved indenting.
for improved indenting. Your best bet with any of these is to try it out and
see if you like the indent style it provides over what Vim provides by default.

## Related syntaxes

@@ -444,6 +452,8 @@ loads files.
[Ryan Fabella's indent script]:
[older indent script by Tye Zdrojewski]:
[actually supports any of them]:

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