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@@ -151,9 +151,17 @@ Some notable options in this case are:
what it finds.
- [jiangmiao/simple-javascript-indenter]
- An indent plugin with an option for alignment under functions.
+- [jason0x43/vim-js-indent]
+ - This is a somewhat new (last updated 2014, as of this writing) indent
+ script that also has some TypeScript support. It is based on an
+ [older indent script by Tye Zdrojewski] and the default JS-in-HTML indent
+ logic that comes with Vim.
+ - The indent logic starts with normal `cindent` styles and adds special
+ cases for comments, JSDoc, arrays, and switch/case.
Since I use [othree/yajs.vim] for my syntax, I use [gavocanov/vim-js-indent]
-for improved indenting.
+for improved indenting. Your best bet with any of these is to try it out and
+see if you like the indent style it provides over what Vim provides by default.
## Related syntaxes
@@ -444,6 +452,8 @@ loads files.
[Ryan Fabella's indent script]:
+[older indent script by Tye Zdrojewski]:
[actually supports any of them]:

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