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A 256-color / 24-bit Vim color scheme, with preference for contrast over hues.

It works for me, just publishing it in case someone has similar taste and wants to use it.

A generated screenshot on vimcolors may be more up to date.

January 2020

older screenshot


Copy the files to the appropriate directories in ~/.vim/, use vim's native pack, or use a plugin manager like vim-plug, e.g.

Plug 'davidosomething/vim-colors-meh'
colorscheme meh

Enable the pandoc syntax if you want special pandoc colors. It requires a full plugin install, so ensure the plugin/ dir is part of your runtime.

let g:meh_pandoc_enabled = 1

Some design choices

  • The background is not fully black, and Normal text is not fully white to be easier on the eyes.
  • Comments are greyed-out and italicized
  • Returns are orange for easy scanning when you use early-return pattern
  • Booleans, super, this, and constants stand out
  • Strings are in blue since that is the color people most likely ignore
  • Text is slightly brown, and everything else is a contrasted

Implementation details

  • As best as possible, the base Vim highlight groups and colorscheme specific groups are the only things that are actually assigned colors. Syntax specific highlight groups are links to those colors.
  • The hi command is called directly instead of using Vim variables and functions to call it dynamically. It makes things harder to manage, but it loads much faster. I may consider statically compiling it in the future.
  • I customize colors for the plugins I use or used in the past only. Feel free to fork if you want to add more.
  • Support for vim-pandoc is provided via an autoload function that is called on demand by the provided plugin to properly override the built-in pandoc colors.
  • Some other plugins are also customized, such as Neomake, showmarks, and vim-signature, but I might not be using those plugins at the moment so support may be limited.