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Scrollbar Anywhere extension for Google Chrome - Click and drag anywhere to scroll
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Scrollbar Anywhere

An extension for Google Chrome that makes it possible to to scroll pages as if the scrollbar was right under your pointer. Just press the configured mouse button and move the mouse.

If you want grab-and-drag style scrolling, just set it up in the options.

The extension is based on the Wet Banana extension and inspired by Scrollbar Anywhere for Firefox.

Change Log

Changes in 2.5:

  • Changed mouse cursor to grabbing when dragging. Thanks to koMah.

Changes in 2.4:

  • Fixed compatibility issues related to Change Colors extension

Changes in 2.3:

  • Compatibility fixes for future versions of Chrome.

Changes in 2.2:

  • Now enables clicks on gmail buttons (and similar) when scrolling with left mouse button.
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