Command Line Interface (CLI) for VMware Virtual Distributed Switch
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VDSCLI - VMware Distributed Switch CLI is single Perl script leveraging VMware Perl SDK to emulate network switch common CLI commands like

  • show mac-address-table
  • show interface
  • etc. is a single Python script leveraging Python module iShell to emulate INTERACTIVE CLI with context help


There are primerly two reasons why.

  1. Network admins like CLI.
  2. Some existing tools expect CLI to do screen scraping mechanism for some kind of automation. CLI emulation helps with integration to such tools.


Before you can use the VDSCLI, you will need to build linux operating system with VMware vCLI. To do so, you need to manually download the vSphere SDK for Perl from VMware's website (which you must register).


Here is the list of already implemented features

  • show commands
    • show interface
    • show mac-address-table

Feature Requests

Here is the list of current feature requests

  • additional show commands
    • show interface port ... display details of particular DVS port (input statistics, output statistics, rate info)
    • show virtual-machine ... display virtual machine names and DVS ports where VM is connected
  • formating and filtering commands output
    • command | more - Paginate output
    • command | grep - Show only text that matches a pattern

To submit other feature request contact me over a twitter @david_pasek or e-mail david.pasek (at)

Other resources


If you want contact me use twitter handle @david_pasek or e-mail david.pasek (at)