One interface to multiple markdown parsers.
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---- One interface to multiple markdown parsers.

This library provides a unified interface to several markdown implementations.
Popular implementations are already included with the library.

Copyright & License
Markup is Copyright (c) 2012-2013 David Persson
if not otherwise stated. The code is distributed under the terms
of the MIT License. For the full license text see the LICENSE file.

3rd Party Libraries
The `lib` directory contains all 3rd party libraries.

Please note that only those libraries are listed here that are used as direct
dependencies. Libraries the 3rd party libraries depend on are not listed. For
information on those see the README of the respective 3rd party library. When
present the full license text of each library has been amended to the LICENSE

Path                              Copyright Holder              License        Mod.
lib/markdown_extra.php            John Gruber, Michel Fortin    BSD-3-clause   no
lib/markdown_extra_extended.php   John Gruber, Michel Fortin,   BSD-3-clause   yes
                                  Egil Hansen
lib/smartypants.php               John Gruber, Michel Fortin    BSD-3-clause   no

All modifications to 3rd party libraries are documented in the form of version
controlled changes. Please consult the version history for changes to the
relevant files.

Versions & Requirements
Markup follows the rolling release development model. Code in the master
branch should always considered to be stable. While code in the dev branch
should be considered unstable or sometimes even expiremental.

There are no versions as in the standard release development model but
snapshots. The master branch may be tagged ("snapshotted") at any point in
time when a significant point of development has been reached.

Snapshots are schemed as follows:
[current year, two digit].[index, zero based]

PHP >=5.4.0 is required to run the code.

Classes in this library can be autoloaded. In order to enable autoloading you
must bootstrap the library with the included `bootstrap.php` file.


use markup\Markdown;

$html = Markdown::parse('...markdown...');

// Reconfigure the steps to pass content through
// for all subsequent parsing.

// Or provide the steps ad hoc.
$html = Markdown::parse('...markdown...', [