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Ubuntu pre-nuke and pre-install bash script that clones user's home directory and reconfigures packages to pre-nuke state.
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The ultimate pre- & post- installation script...aka for frequent nukers!

For future ramblings from me about creating this script, please checkout my page

Previous Failures

My initial embarrasing Fedora scripts...

Another wonderful bash script...making progress!

Usage: [action(s)] [option(s)] [path...]

All actions and options must be separated by spaces

  • INVALID: -get -hp [path...]
  • USE: get -h -p [path...]


  • The action performs the option, using either the system and/or backup file created with get action. *Order of action precedence: get, install, list, compare *Order of option precedence is the order passed to the script through arguements.


  • default action is help
  • default option is -a
  • default path is the current directory


  • all-actions perform all actions against option(s)
  • compare compare [option(s)] against current system *requires valid back files to compare against current system
  • get get selected [option(s)] files in path
  • install install selected [option(s)] from files in path *this verifies files in path
  • list list [option(s)] data in formatted output *requires valid backup files
  • help display help for [option] or all options


  • -a perform [action] against [option(s)]
  • -h perform [action(s)] only against users home directory
  • -k perform [action(s)] only against apt-keys (apt repos)
  • -p perform [action(s)] only against apt packages
  • -r perform [action(s)] only against apt repos
    (epinuke --help or epinuke [option] -h)


  • Run all actions against all all-actions & all options script (sudo used as required per command):
    sh epinuke all-actions -a

...this uses the scripts directory and creates a temp and backup directory

  • Install the list of all options from backup (requires [path...]):
    $ sh epinuke install -a '/media/user/backup/'
  • Get all options from system and save as backup in [path...]:
    $ sh epinuke get -a '/media/data/user/backup'
  • List all keys and save in backup, if no path is provided,
    • a temp dir will be created and deleted when the script exits
    sh epinuke list -k '~/backup'
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