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SCSS Toolkit 2.1.0


Note: This project is unmaintained. I feel there are still some valuable principles in this repo so can still be taken as a starting point but it is unlikely to be updated.

A starter toolkit based on SMACSS for Sass (SCSS) projects, with optional support for Compass.

SCSS Toolkit uses a combination of recommendations from:

Styles are broken down into the following groups: Base, Layout, Module, State


  • Ruby, along with the bundler gem.
  • NPM (brew install node)
  • Grunt CLI (npm install -g grunt-cli)

Quick Start

  • Clone the git repo - git clone git:// or download it
  • Run bundle install at the root of the project
  • Run npm install at the root of the project
  • You should be all set.

Build tasks

  • Run grunt watch to watch all .scss files in css/scss for changes.
  • Run grunt build to compile the .scss files on demand
  • Run grunt build:production to compile and minify the .scss files on demand into css/build.


Major components:

Everything else:

The Unlicense (aka: public domain)

Thanks & Resources

This toolkit is based on the work of the following fine people & projects.

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