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;; rooster - epoll server
;; Copyright 2010 David Reynolds
;; All rights reserved.
;; Use and distribution licensed under BSD license. See
;; LICENSE for full text of BSD license.
(uses rooster-utils tcp srfi-13 srfi-69)
(export run-rooster fd-list send-to-client send-to-all remove-client))
(use epoll)
;; _server_fd and epfd are both initialized in run-rooster
(define _server_fd)
(define epfd)
(define fd-list '())
(define (filter-out-fd fd)
;; builds a new list after filtering out fd
(let loop ((li fd-list) (newlist '()))
(if (null? li)
(if (eq? fd (car li))
(loop (cdr li) newlist)
(loop (cdr li) (append newlist (list (car li))))))))
(define (remove-client fd)
(set! fd-list (filter-out-fd fd))
(remove-client-buffers! fd)
(epoll-delete epfd fd)
(net-close fd))
;; this is set to the request handler passed through run-rooster
(define _RequestHandler)
(define (send-to-client fd str)
;; this function doesn't actually _send_ to the client. it appends
;; `str` to the client's write buffer until it's time to really
;; write on the socket (epoll tells us when to write)
(let ((buf (fd-write-buffer fd)))
(set-fd-write-buffer! fd (string-append buf str)))
(epoll-modify epfd fd _WRITE))
(define (send-to-all buf sender-fd)
(let fdloop ((fds fd-list))
(unless (null? fds)
(let ((d (car fds)))
(if (eq? sender-fd d)
(send-to-client d buf)
(send-to-client d (string-append "\r\n" buf))))
(fdloop (cdr fds)))))
(define (accept-fd sfd)
(let ((fd (net-accept sfd #f #f)))
(setnonblock fd)
(init-client fd)
(set! fd-list (cons fd fd-list))
(epoll-add epfd fd _READ)
;; For reading the request sent from client (headers, body, etc).
(read-handler fd)))
(define (write-handler fd)
;; epoll tells us to write to socket
(let ((buf (fd-write-buffer fd)))
(net-write fd buf (string-length buf)))
;; clear out write buffer
(set-fd-write-buffer! fd "")
(set-fd-read-buffer! fd "")
;; TODO: only remove-client if connection: close
(remove-client fd))
(define (read-from-socket fd)
;; read in 4kb blocks
(let* ((rbuf (make-string 4096))
(res (net-read fd rbuf 4096)))
(if (= res 0)
(remove-client fd)
(substring rbuf 0 res))))
(define (_on_headers fd data)
;; parse headers contained in buf
(let* ((eol (string-contains data "\r\n"))
(start-line (string-split (substring data 0 eol) " "))
(method (car start-line))
(uri (cadr start-line))
(version (caddr start-line)))
(if (not (string-prefix? "HTTP/" version))
(remove-client fd)
;; TODO: Next step would be to parse content-length and read N bytes
;; Then pass request to _RequestHandler instead of a string.
;; That let's _RequestHandler do controller dispatching.
(_RequestHandler fd ""))))
(define (read-handler fd)
;; epoll tells us to read from socket
(let ((len 104857600)
(rcur (string-length (fd-read-buffer fd)))
(buf (read-from-socket fd)))
(unless (eq? buf 0)
(if (< (+ rcur (string-length buf)) len)
(set-fd-read-buffer! fd (string-append (fd-read-buffer fd) buf)))
;; eoh = end of headers
(let* ((fdbuf (fd-read-buffer fd))
(eoh (string-contains fdbuf "\r\n\r\n"))
(headers (substring fdbuf 0 eoh)))
(_on_headers fd headers)))))
;; this function is passed to epoll-wait as a callback
(define (fd-event-list-handler ls)
;; takes a list of (fd . events) pairs
(unless (null? ls)
(let* ((pair (car ls))
(fd (car pair)))
(if (eq? fd _server_fd)
(accept-fd _server_fd)
(cond ((= (bitwise-and (cdr pair) _WRITE) _WRITE)
(write-handler fd))
((= (bitwise-and (cdr pair) _READ) _READ)
(read-handler fd))))
;; loop over rest of (fd . events) list of pairs
(fd-event-list-handler (cdr ls)))))
;; pass server stuff here (like port number) and a request handler
;; so the server can pass requests to the programmer-defined handler
(define (run-rooster request-handler)
(let* ((listener (tcp-listen 6666))
(sfd (tcp-listener-fileno listener)))
;; set global server fd
(set! _server_fd sfd)
(set! epfd (epoll-create))
(set! _RequestHandler request-handler)
(epoll-add epfd sfd _READ)
(let loop ()
;; pass epoll callback to epoll-wait
(epoll-wait epfd 200 fd-event-list-handler)
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