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C-Kermit for Windows

This is C-Kermit for Windows. It is a free and open source version of the program formerly known as Kermit-95, a commercial product of Columbia University from 1994 to 2011. For more information on Kermit, visit the Kermit Project website: http://www.kermitproject.org.

This software is currently based on C-Kermit version 9.0.304 Dev.13 of 6-FEB-2015.

OS/2 support is still present but untested. It should still work if someone can get it building with freely available tools.

This version has been released under the 3-clause BSD license and does not include any features which rely on proprietary libraries or SDKs. This includes:

  • DECnet (formerly provided by DEC PATHWORKS)
  • LAT (formerly provided by either SuperLAT or PATHWORKS)
  • X, Y and Z MODEM (formerly provided by a library called 'P' from Oy Online Solutions Ltd).
  • The Dialer (relied on Zinc, a proprietary GUI framework)
  • SSH

A number of other features have been removed as they relied on ancient versions of 3rd-party libraries. These are:

  • Kerberos
  • SSL
  • SRP

Other features may be missing as a result of the above features being disabled. For a full list of features available, type the following at the Kermit prompt:


This code is based on what was going to be Kermit 95 v2.2. Compared to the final K95 release (2.1.3) a number of bugs have been fixed and a few new features have been added. A full list of these is available here:



To build Kermit for Windows you will need Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 SP6 or higher. Edit /setenv.bat to point to your source directory then run through the following:

  1. Open up a console window

  2. Setup the Visual C++ environment. You'll want to run vcvars32.bat. This will be where ever you installed your compiler. For example:

     C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\bin\vcvars32.bat
  3. CD into your source directory and run the following:

     cd kermit/k95

This should leave you with a number of binaries in the current directory, the most interesting being:

  • cknker.exe - Console version of C-Kermit for Windows
  • k95g.exe - Graphical version of C-Kermit for Windows

Future stuff to do:

  • Remove need for /noBool switch and #defines in kui code.
  • Restore use of fsetpos in ckofio.c (see function zfseek(CK_OFF_T) around line 5418)
  • Turn long long support back on (remove -DNOLONGLONG in makefile)
  • Re-enable/rewrite features that were disabled due to missing or obsolete dependencies. This will require upgrading to current versions or finding/writing replacements.
    • SSH
    • Kerberos (use Heimdal instead of MIT Kerberos for Windows)
    • zlib
    • SSL (upgrade to current OpenSSL release)
    • SRP
    • Z/Y/Z Modem
    • LAT (port from linux-decnet?)