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Decision Support in Ruby
Latest commit 5499cb8 Sep 27, 2013 @davidrichards Add Factor to Conditioning or Marginalizing.
It's just a little inconvenient to be pulling tables
  out of Factors all the time.


Welcome to Fathom. Fathom is a library for building decision support tools. Fathom is the kind of tool you'd want to use when you:

  • want to build a reliable knowledge base for any kind of information
  • need to simplify a complex problem
  • have more data than a spreadsheet likes to use

Just a quick note, this is very unstable. It is getting a LOT of quick changes to get discrete Bayesian Networks finished. Then, continuous factors will be introduced. I'll make a minor version bump when I think the project is stable enough to experiment with. Meanwhile, you're welcome to contact me directly and discuss your modeling needs, I have several people I'm discussing these things with today as I rebuild this gem.

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