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fillstruct - fills a struct literal with default values

For example, given the following types,

type User struct {
	ID   int64
	Name string
	Addr *Address

type Address struct {
	City   string
	ZIP    int
	LatLng [2]float64

the following struct literal

var frank = User{}


var frank = User{
	ID:   0,
	Name: "",
	Addr: &Address{
		City: "",
		ZIP:  0,
		LatLng: [2]float64{

after applying fillstruct.


% go get -u


% fillstruct [-modified] -file=<filename> -offset=<byte offset> -line=<line number>


-file:     filename
-modified: read an archive of modified files from stdin
-offset:   byte offset of the struct literal, optional if -line is present
-line:     line number of the struct literal, optional if -offset is present

If -offset as well as -line are present, then the tool first uses the more specific offset information. If there was no struct literal found at the given offset, then the line information is used.

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