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Play with legos. Learn agile.
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Building Blocks of Agile

The slide deck and handout here were originally created for a presentation at the 2015 Code for America Summit.

Brief on the presentation

Frustrated by missing deadlines and making things customers don't actually want? Interested in agile but don't know how to start using it in your organization? Follow along with step-by-step instructions to learn agile methodologies using LEGOs.

More agile resources

Contributions are welcome! Add some resources and submit a Pull Request.

Inspiration and credit

This talk was given by Amy Mok (Developer at CFPB) and David Leonard (Developer at Code for America). The legos exercise we used was inspired by "How 90 minutes with Lego bricks taught these executives agile", by Zach Cohn and Dave Zvenyach at 18F.

How you can use it (license)

Feel free to copy, share and redistribute these materials. You can also give this talk at another conference or do the exercise with your team. It'd be nice if you gave credit.

These materials are copyright (c) 2015 Amy Mok and David Leonard. The materials at released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

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