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Vim settings

These are settings for vim which I mainly use for editing python code in. I've installed the following plugins

  2., highlights programming errors. Might need to install some or all of pyflakes, pylint, flake8.
  3. L9, which provides some utility functions and commands for programming in Vim
  4., git support
  5., Markdown support
  6., Tab completion
  7. FuzzyFinder
  9., file browser support
  10., opens files
  11., json support
  12., Ruby
  13., Javascript, well, because who doesn't love Javascript !
  14., Jquery support
  15. python.vim, Python
  16. django.vim & django_templates.vim
  17. Gundo, visualizing your undo tree to make usable

Installation instructions

  1. Backup You problably should back up your current settings some where and delete the current folder first, e.g.

    mv ~./vim ~/.vim_back_up
  2. Download the code

    git clone git:// ~/.vim
    git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vundle
  3. Create a simlink, if it doesn't already exist

    ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc
  4. Install 3rd party plugins

    Launch vim, then run :BundleInstall