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## Lately...
+- Update to version 0.92.3. Tested against 0.92 and 0.94 HBase. Adds an :all-versions variant to the delete function, which deletes all versions of a cell, patch by [Lin Zhemin]( Also fixes a bug in the :with-timestamp and :with-timestamp-before variants of delete, which parsed the arguments incorrectly. Finally, adds a :with-timestamp variant of put, which allows the insertion of an element with a specific timestamp. Unit tests expanded.
- Update to version 0.92.2. Tested against 0.92 and 0.94 HBase. Updates library to work properly with Clojure 1.5. Add check-and-delete operation, patch by [Kris Jenkins]( to-bytes is deprecated as a public function. Deprecate `modify` and `query` in favor of `execute`, which they are both now implemented in terms of. Other bug fixes and unit tests added.
- Update to version 0.92.1. Tested against 0.92 and 0.94 HBase. Updates type hints to the more general HTableInterface instead of the older HTable concrete type. Patch by [Ryan Senior](
@@ -204,12 +206,7 @@ I love receiving pull requests and working with people on patches. Please keep i
### Testing
-1. Stop local installation of Hadoop and HBase (if any)
-2. Modify ` YOUR-HOST` to ` YOUR-HOST` in /etc/hosts (if any)
-3. umask 022
-4. lein test
-If you use HBase 0.95.2 and see errors saying "Region is not online", ignore it. It should be [HBASE-9303](
+The tests run against a mock, embedded version of HBase. You should stop any local installation of HBase, if any is running. If you use see errors saying "Region is not online", ignore it. It should be [HBASE-9303](
## License

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