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2  project.clj
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-(defproject clojure-hbase "0.90.5-2"
+(defproject org.clojars.kurtharriger/clojure-hbase "0.90.5-2.1"
:description "A convenient Clojure interface to HBase."
:dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.2.0"]
[org.apache.hadoop/hadoop-core ""]
55 src/clojure_hbase/admin.clj
@@ -8,8 +8,11 @@
[org.apache.hadoop.hbase.util Bytes]
[ Compression]))
-(def ^{:tag HBaseAdmin :dynamic true :private true} *admin*
- (HBaseAdmin. (HBaseConfiguration/create)))
+(def ^{:tag HBaseAdmin :dynamic true} *admin*
+ (delay (HBaseAdmin. (HBaseConfiguration/create))))
+(defn get-admin []
+ (if (instance? clojure.lang.IDeref *admin*) @*admin* *admin*))
;; HColumnDescriptor
@@ -72,7 +75,7 @@
(defn add-column-family
[table-name ^HColumnDescriptor column-descriptor]
- (.addColumn *admin* (to-bytes table-name) column-descriptor))
+ (.addColumn (get-admin) (to-bytes table-name) column-descriptor))
(defn hbase-available?
@@ -80,93 +83,93 @@
(defn compact
- (.compact *admin* (to-bytes table-or-region-name)))
+ (.compact (get-admin) (to-bytes table-or-region-name)))
(defn create-table
- (.createTable *admin* table-descriptor))
+ (.createTable (get-admin) table-descriptor))
(defn create-table-async
[^HTableDescriptor table-descriptor split-keys]
- (.createTableAsync *admin* table-descriptor split-keys))
+ (.createTableAsync (get-admin) table-descriptor split-keys))
(defn delete-column-family
[table-name column-name]
- (.deleteColumn *admin* (to-bytes table-name) (to-bytes column-name)))
+ (.deleteColumn (get-admin) (to-bytes table-name) (to-bytes column-name)))
(defn delete-table
- (.deleteTable *admin* (to-bytes table-name)))
+ (.deleteTable (get-admin) (to-bytes table-name)))
(defn disable-table
- (.disableTable *admin* (to-bytes table-name)))
+ (.disableTable (get-admin) (to-bytes table-name)))
(defn enable-table
- (.enableTable *admin* (to-bytes table-name)))
+ (.enableTable (get-admin) (to-bytes table-name)))
(defn flush
- (.flush *admin* (to-bytes table-or-region-name)))
+ (.flush (get-admin) (to-bytes table-or-region-name)))
(defn cluster-status
- (.getClusterStatus *admin*))
+ (.getClusterStatus (get-admin)))
(defn get-connection
- (.getConnection *admin*))
+ (.getConnection (get-admin)))
(defn get-master
- (.getMaster *admin*))
+ (.getMaster (get-admin)))
(defn get-table-descriptor
- (.getTableDescriptor *admin* (to-bytes table-name)))
+ (.getTableDescriptor (get-admin) (to-bytes table-name)))
(defn master-running?
- (.isMasterRunning *admin*))
+ (.isMasterRunning (get-admin)))
(defn table-available?
- (.isTableAvailable *admin* (to-bytes table-name)))
+ (.isTableAvailable (get-admin) (to-bytes table-name)))
(defn table-disabled?
- (.isTableDisabled *admin* (to-bytes table-name)))
+ (.isTableDisabled (get-admin) (to-bytes table-name)))
(defn table-enabled?
- (.isTableEnabled *admin* (to-bytes table-name)))
+ (.isTableEnabled (get-admin) (to-bytes table-name)))
(defn list-tables
- (seq (.listTables *admin*)))
+ (seq (.listTables (get-admin))))
(defn major-compact
- (.majorCompact *admin* (to-bytes table-or-region-name)))
+ (.majorCompact (get-admin) (to-bytes table-or-region-name)))
(defn modify-column-family
[table-name column-name ^HColumnDescriptor column-descriptor]
- (.modifyColumn *admin* (to-bytes table-name) (to-bytes column-name)
+ (.modifyColumn (get-admin) (to-bytes table-name) (to-bytes column-name)
(defn modify-table
[table-name table-descriptor]
- (.modifyTable *admin* (to-bytes table-name) table-descriptor))
+ (.modifyTable (get-admin) (to-bytes table-name) table-descriptor))
(defn shutdown
- (.shutdown *admin*))
+ (.shutdown (get-admin)))
(defn split
- (.split *admin* (to-bytes table-or-region-name)))
+ (.split (get-admin) (to-bytes table-or-region-name)))
(defn table-exists?
- (.tableExists *admin* (to-bytes table-name)))
+ (.tableExists (get-admin) (to-bytes table-name)))
4 src/clojure_hbase/core.clj
@@ -320,7 +320,7 @@
(second spec))
:columns (handle-get-columns get-op (second spec))
:family (.addFamily get-op (to-bytes (second spec)))
- :families (for [f (second spec)]
+ :families (doseq [f (second spec)]
(.addFamily get-op (to-bytes f)))
:filter (.setFilter get-op (second spec))
:all-versions (.setMaxVersions get-op)
@@ -568,7 +568,7 @@
(second spec))
:columns (handle-get-columns scan-op (second spec))
:family (.addFamily scan-op (to-bytes (second spec)))
- :families (for [f (second spec)]
+ :families (doseq [f (second spec)]
(.addFamily scan-op (to-bytes f)))
:filter (.setFilter scan-op (second spec))
:all-versions (.setMaxVersions scan-op)

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