Embed HBaseTestingUtility to isolate tests #14

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This change spins up an embedded HBase instance to run the core tests against.

I removed the 0.90 profile (per our IRC conversation) and added a CDH profile for cloudera distributions.

HBaseTestingUtility is pretty noisy, so we might consider suppressing info level messages in the future if it becomes a problem. Exceptions are also thrown when the instance is shut down, but those exceptions are innocuous.

Note that with this change you can also load clojure-hbase.core-test in a repl and run (once-start) to write code against a running hbase instance.

Jason Bray added some commits Dec 10, 2012

Jason Bray Embedding an HBaseTestingUtility to isolate the core tests. Removing …
…the old hbase90 profile and adding a CDH4 profile to support the Cloudera distribution.
Jason Bray Appropriately assigning scope to hadoop-common and hadoop-hdfs in the…
… cdh4 profile.

davidsantiago commented Jan 9, 2013

I've merged this into the develop branch for now. It seems to work, but the increased output is indeed annoying, I had to search back through the output to see that the tests had indeed passed. A patch to cut back the verbosity would be appreciated.


Okay David, this log4j config nearly eliminates the noise. The root logger is set to WARN, but if you would rather see it at INFO I can add more fine-grain filtering (with a long list of packages).


davidsantiago commented Jan 10, 2013

OK, this is great. Pushed this up to develop branch as well. I'll wait to hear from you about the timestamped Puts thing before pushing this into a release, since this is only affect unit tests (although it's very helpful).

@davidsantiago davidsantiago merged commit f38e5fd into davidsantiago:master Apr 14, 2013

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