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A Leiningen task to run javadoc on your java sources
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Use Leiningen to build the javadoc for the java source code in your projects.


Put [lein-javadoc "0.2.0"] into the :plugins vector of your project.clj.

For this plugin to do anything, you need to add a map of configuration options to the :javadoc-opts key of your project map (or a profile if you prefer). The map can have the following keys:

  • :package-names (Required): This key should be a vector of strings containing the names of the Java packages that should be included in the Javadoc. Since this cannot be deduced from a project regularly, it is required.
  • :output-dir (Default: "javadoc/"): This key should have a string containing the path to the directory the Javadoc output will be written to.
  • :java-source-paths (Default: The value of :java-source-paths in the Leiningen project): This key is a vector of strings containing the paths to the project directories containing the Java sources that will have Javadoc run on them. This value defaults to the same key from the project itself, which is presumably set to something meaningful if you want to run a Javadoc task. There is probably not much need to set this one, unless you have a very specific desire to Javadoc a set of source code different somehow from the source code you want to compile.
  • :additional-args: This key should have a vector of strings, as if they had been parsed off of the command line, for passing to Javadoc in addition to the usual options automatically set by this task. This task only directly supports convenient usage of a small number of the flags and options that the Javadoc tool supports. If you wish to use any of the ones not directly supported, you can set them here. Also, if you feel a particularly useful flag should be supported by this task, go ahead and send a note or (even better) a pull request.
  • :exact-command-line: This key is a vector of strings, as if they had been parsed off of the command line, for passing to Javadoc as the only options it will see. If this key is set, all other flags and options are ignored when the Javadoc tool is invoked. You will also be warned, to head off potential frustration. This option exists as a safety valve, in case this task does not currently support some combination of configuration options you really need.
  • :tools-jar-paths: This key is a vector of strings pointing to possible locations of tools.jar. If empty or missing, lein-javadoc will attempt to locate tools.jar by looking in java.home.

Also note that you must have the JDK installed for this task to work, as Javadoc is a part of the JDK's lib/tools.jar. This plugin should add that jar to the classpath automatically, but it must be present.

Once the plugin is configured for your project, you can invoke the javadoc task to write the javadoc output to the configured directory.

$ lein javadoc


If you want to hack on this code, note that it does not currently work when invoked from its own project directory. You should lein install a SNAPSHOT version of it, and then test it from another project. Sorry about that, but there appears to be some difficulty getting the middleware required to work in its own project directory.


Copyright © 2013 David Santiago

Other contributors:

  • Tim McCormack

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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