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reddit imgur uploader

A Chrome Extension that allows you to upload an image to Imgur and get the resulting URL without ever leaving your Reddit tab

building and running locally

In order to get up and running locally, you'll need to:

  1. pull down the project
  2. if you use nvm, run nvm use to make sure you're on a compatible version of node
  3. run npm install from the project root
  4. run gulp (this will build the js file and css file that Chrome will use and continue to listen to changes in source files)
  5. go to chrome://extensions in Chrome
  6. make sure "Developer mode" is on
  7. click "Load unpacked extension..."
  8. choose the project root directory, and you should be good to go!


  • highlighting text then uploading an image will create a markdown-style link to that image
  • account support
  • drag and drop uploading
  • refactor how we determine our behavior based on what page we're on (comments page vs. submit link vs. submit text)
  • DRY up our uploader button injection
  • figure out how to trigger RES comment preview on text injection
  • add uploader button to /message/*
  • move to ES6