Resources developed by the REACTION project.
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This repository contains some of the resources developed by REACTION (Retrieval, Extraction and Aggregation Computing Technology for Integrating and Organizing News) an initiative for developing a computational journalism platform (mostly) for Portuguese.


  • File: SentiLex-PT
  • Description: A sentiment lexicon for Portuguese.
  • Cite: Building a Sentiment Lexicon for Social Judgement Mining. Mário J. Silva, Paula Carvalho, Luís Sarmento. In Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI), International Conference on Computational Processing of Portuguese (PROPOR), 17-20 April, 2012, Coimbra, Portugal.


  • File: POWER-PT
  • Description: An ontology of Portuguese politics.
  • Cite:
    • Tracking politics with POWER Silvio Moreira, David S Batista, Paula Carvalho, Francisco M Couto, and Mario J Silva. In Program: electronic library and information systems, 47(2), 2013.
    • POWER - Politics Ontology for Web Entity Retrieval Silvio Moreira, David Batista, Paula Carvalho, Francisco M Couto, and Mário J Silva. In Advanced Information Systems Engineering Workshops. Springer, 2011.


  • File: DBpediaRelations-PT
  • Description: a corpus of semantic relationships extracted from the Portuguese Wikpedia and DBpedia.
  • Cite: Exploring DBpedia and Wikipedia for Portuguese Semantic Relationship Extraction David Soares Batista, David Forte, Rui Silva, Bruno Martins, and Mário J. Silva.Linguamática, 5(1), 2013.


  • DBpediaEntities-PT: corpus of entities extracted from the Portuguese DBpedia.

  • Twitter-BrownClusters-PT: word clusters induced from Portuguese Twitter messages.

  • NomesLex-PT: lexicon of person names from Portugal.

  • SentiCorpus-PT: comments in Portuguese manually annotated with sentiment and opinions about politicians.

  • SentiTuites-PT: corpus of tweets posted by Portuguese users during the 2011 election campaign.