Outlook Addin showing quota usage in the ribbon
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Outlook Quota Tool

Outlook Addin showing quota usage in the ribbon.

Designed for the Email Transformation Initiative — default quota value is 2 GB. The quota usage is displayed clearly in the ribbon and is intended to ease the transition and support the new system.

The links below allow for quick add/remove from Outlook. Click, then 'Run' or 'Open' when prompted:

[Add Quota Tool to Outlook] (https://schlachter.ca/quotatool.vbs) (source: quotatool.vbs)

Remove Quota Tool from Outlook (source: removequotatool.vbs)


Outlook Quota Tool button

Ribbon button with quota usage displayed. Icon turns yellow above 75%, red over 90%.

Outlook Quota Tool progress bar

Progress bar on first launch (and when updating quota information).

Outlook Quota Tool details view

Details view (click the ribbon button).

(Open source on Github: https://github.com/davidschlachter/outlookquota)