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LinuxFest Northwest

The Official LinuxFest Android App

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Feature wishlist

  • User Features
    • In-app new user registration, forgot password
    • Surveys
    • Replace web-views with in-app content
    • Improved directions and venue info -- some basic offline info here, and the ability to open Google Maps to the venue location
    • Notes - take notes on the presentation
    • In-app presentation description - when you're in the building, you don't always have the best network connection, so loading the web page with the presentation info can be painful. Having a JSON or XML file I can pull down containing the summary would be amazing. I can probably parse it out of the sessions' webpage and cache it, though it would be slower.
    • Campus map -- show where the presentation and exhibits are on the campus floor
    • Shared comments - live comment on the presentation with other users. An IRC-like system would work, though it would be cool to hook into the comment system on the website too...
  • Code features
    • Use more material design features (toolbar/etc)
    • Use Calendar object rather than deprecated Date
    • Use ContentProvider for sessions db
    • Use CursorLoader (?) to avoid calling requery() on the sessions list