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A Very Ludum Dare Entity Component System

By David Colgan

Twas the night before Ludum Dare, and all through the apartment, not a creature was stirring, except for DVcolgan.

His keyboard in hand, his codebase by his side, he knew full well that many codes would be lined.

The theme announcement was nigh. Only 45 minutes to go. The chat couldn't wait, but noone could go.

I can't start coding yet! cried DV with sad. The theme must be announced before that can be had.

The time clocked down more, the people looked on. Will we ever be able to get our coding begun?

The seconds continued to count down to zero. The time was here! How sublime! How mellow!

Everyone started to refresh the site. It went down with a crunch, so twitter was the place.

When that theme first came upon the screen, nobody could believe it! There it was! The theme!

This theme is most horrible! Cried every single one. But DV tried reasoning with them. Can you actually be happy with a theme?

This theme is too abstract. This theme is too solid. This theme is too specific, and makes me most tepid.

And so all the denizens continued to fight about this terrible theme that was terrible to them in their own light.

But DV sat to work on a game most good. Could he make a game with this theme? Could he? COULD?

48 hours had passed and people were still fighting. They got so heated with the theme that they forgot to make code! Not fight!

And suddenly, without warning, the timer struck 48 hours. Oh crap! Cried them all, I forgot to make a game with terrible theme!

But DV ascended from the shadows, a code in hand. People could hardly believe what he presented then.

A game! A GAME! With fun, mood, graphics, audio AND THEME. Could it possible? Even with this theme?!?!?!?!?!

It's true! A game there was to be had. And from then on, nobody ever questioned the theme.

And the moral of this story, by dear faithful viewer, is that all themes are good. You must just work with them.


Also, I'm making a game for LD.