A simple shell wrapper function to allow emacs to read from stdin
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Read from stdin to emacs

A simple shell function to allow emacsclients (or emacs) to read from stdin via a temp file.

Tested with zsh, bash and sh. Everything should work with other modern shells (there's nothing fancy going on).

To use emacs rather than emacsclient, or to modify the command line args used, change the _emacsfun function.

Set up

Set up by sourcing the file emacs-read-stdin.sh in your .bashrc (or equivalent) with

source /path/to/repo/emacs-read-stdin.sh

or by simply copying and pasting the two functions into .bashrc.


Read from stdin

echo "hello world" | e -

or as normal from files

e hello_world.txt


Run the script run-tests.sh to test the function. Check in the script for the expected output to compare against (I should probably rewrite the tests in python or something so that the checking can be easily automated).