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NodeJS server interface for delivering Command Line instructions Via cURL

This is an application idea I've had for a while and is currently still in very prototypical stages. At the moment you can issue a command to the server via a HTTP request and get a JSON encoded response. I figure it could be used as a useful way of remote managing a server, especially if you build it an app front end that allows for commands.

You can also set specific routes to do specific things.

It has variables used to make sure requests are coming from a valid source. At the moment it also only responds to GET requests so it is VERY INSECURE. DO NOT DEPLOY THIS ON A PRODUCTION SERVER

Requests can be made by calling an address http://yourserver:port?pass={{password}}&cmd={{command}} and the command will execute on the server and return the output of stdout.

If you are interested in more of my work, head over to my made repository list available on GitHub at my github profile or at my my personal site Sivocha.