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C# Utility to break md5 hashes (number only) via network distribution


This was a university project experiment into distributed computing to leverage the processing power of multiple machines at once.

The utility takes an input of a hash on the server, and it then proceeds to send numeric chunks to clients for their pc's to crunch.

It only works on hashes based on whole numbers as it was merely an experiment.


Cracking the hash: 9fe3d5324cf6fb6b4b472ace59f632fc (412819373) took my PC 4 hours on it's own stepping through from 0 to 4 million. Running on 12 PC's at the university took this program 15 minutes.

If you are interested in more of my work, head over to my made repository list available on GitHub at my github profile or at my my personal site Sivocha.

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