A Property Management Utility (Thought exercise only - Based on Lodger)
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Property Manager

This project is a thought experiment only based on Lodger.

Built in Ruby on Rails.

This application is designed to do the follwowing.

  • Allow Businesses to Register on the Site
  • Allow Businesses to Create and Manage Listings of houses
    • Upload Pictures of the House
    • Attach a Value to the house
    • Add tenants to the house
      • Set Tenant Contract Expiry
      • Upload a copy of the contract
      • Show when the next Rent Due date is
  • Allow Users to browse Properties that don't currently have a tenant in them
  • Present the user with contact information for the business to rent a property

Installing this Project

This project doesn't ship with a database.yml file or a premade database to use with the project. You will need to create your own database config based on your local parameters.

If you want to run this locally using SQLite3 then you can use the following:

    adapter: sqlite3
    database: db/development.sqlite3
    pool: 5
    timeout: 5000

After you have created your database.yml file cd into the project folder, and run bundle install to get the required Gems for this project.

You will then need to run the rake db:migrate commands to initialise the database and set up the database fields.

After that run rails server and you should be good to go.

Model Data

This is where you can find information on the Models that this project uses.

###Model: Business The business model contains contact and login information for the business.

###Model: House This model contains details about the properties that are being let out

###Model: Tenant This model contains tenant details

###Model: Media This model is a catch all model for any media that needs to be attach to the houses. It will hold the PDF contract Uploads and Pictures of the Properties

Contributing to this Project

Code contributions are more than welcome on this project, if you think that you can better optimise something I have done, or provide performance tweaks then go right ahead!

If you want any help on how to contribute code to this Git repository, please take a look at the GitHub Guide to forking a repo which has instructions on making forks, and the GitHub guide to making pull requests.

To see more of my regular work, head over to my made repository list available on GitHub at my github profile or at my my personal site Sivocha. You can also follow me on Twitter as @Daelach