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Build status

Build status

What is it?

This the new code-base of the CMS I am using in my website


Because I need a pet project to study a couple of things. And do it with my own website seems to be the right choice.

What is this project using?

(or: What I intend to study and practice with this project?)

Running the project

Since this is a .NET Core project you can run in 2 ways:

.NET Core CLI (using PowerShell)

  • Run webpack
    • Make that sure you are in project folder (CmsEngine\CmsEngine.Ui)
    • Run the script RunWebpack.ps1
  • Run the project
    • cd ..\CmsEngine.Ui
    • dotnet -d watch run
      • -d shows the PID for debugging purposes
    • Open your favorite browser and load http://cmsengine.test:5000 (make sure this url is mapped to localhost in your hosts file)
  • Create and run migrations
    • Make that sure you are in the library folder (CmsEngine\CmsEngine)
    • dotnet ef migrations add MIGRATION_NAME --startup-project ..\CmsEngine.Ui\
    • cd ..\CmsEngine.Ui
    • dotnet ef database update

IIS Express

  • Just run with Ctrl + F5 (or F5 for debugging) and let everything happens


  • You will need to setup your own IIS instance
  • Ctrl + Shift + P to attach the process and debug

Note: I am not following any particular pattern nor best practice in this project. Feel free to help.